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Emerging trends have patterns. Recognizing them takes organization and planning. At Deneeze, our market insights help you make moves that boost reach, establish brand credibility and convert customers. We create solutions to help startups develop leads and established enterprises generate new business. We’re growth-driven, holistic thinkers, and our strategies are 100% tailored to your needs.

  • Strategic Communications + Consulting
  • Thought Leadership
  • Message Placement
  • Platform + Channel Strategy
  • Brand Development

Creative Content


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and more. We place your voice where it needs to be heard. These days storytelling is more than just timing. It’s about channeling genuine emotion and meaning through words, images and sound. Our team of visual creatives captures your marketing strategy and communicates your brand identity through stunning photos and impactful video. Behind the scenes, we obsess over analytics to create customized channel strategies that reach your audience with your story.

  • Presentation Design
  • Visual Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Blog Posts
  • Brand Videos



Customers engage with brands that mean something to them. And they’re attracted to events that offer unique and lasting experiences. Our event specialists build targeted engagement campaigns that connect you to the followers you want. And our integrated communications approach influences brand perception and drives purchasing. Knowing who to invite and what will get them there is our key to making your event, a hit. From identifying key influencers to curated relationships with the press, Deneeze guarantees onsite and remote coverage of your company’s public activities.

  • Press Releases
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Event Promotion
  • Social Media Integration



Your image is everything. We don’t take that lightly. Deneeze is dedicated to making your name, organization and vision shine in an increasingly complex, global media environment. We have the international perspective that keeps your voice relevant and different from the rest. We place press releases with key media contacts. And craft clever solutions to unanticipated problems, while providing proactive guidance for future pitfalls. At Deneeze we know that when you have a plan, nothing is unexpected.

  • Crisis Communications/Issue Management
  • Message Placement
  • Brand Management
  • Media Relations
  • Advertising Consulting

Digital DNA


In the digital age, success comes when brand awareness leads to brand engagement. We count clicks, likes, conversions—whatever it takes to develop strategies that digitally differentiate your brand. Increasing traffic to your site and driving subscriptions is a breeze when you understand how and what people search for online. Our digital experts shape your online presence to increase visibility and generate followers. Whether you’re defining the digital sphere or facing disruption, Deneeze helps you overcome the obstacles of the digital marketplace.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • User Experience (UX) Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Positioning

Personal Branding


You’re an expert in your field and everyone should know it. We see the story in your work and will help you tell it. We can organize your assets and plan your portfolio, even add a fresh look to your already established brand. Either way, we take great ideas and refine them into statements that attract key stakeholders. Whether you’re breaking into a new field or continuing your climb to the top, we create cohesive brand narratives that produce growth and help you and your clients connect.

  • Narrative Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Visual Design
  • Channel Placement


portrait of a team member

Anna Denysenko


Confident and creative, Anna is Deneeze’s fearless visionary. She’s a lawyer, journalist and marketing guru, who’s driven by dreams and the desire to see others succeed. Since coming to the US, Anna’s applied her multifaceted marketing magic to ForumDaily, Global Spirits and the UN. At Harvard Business School, she envisioned bringing her work as a press specialist for the Ukrainian Presidential Administration and an award-winning journalist together with other daring creatives like herself. Deneeze, Anna’s childhood nickname, is a team of explorers, artists and achievers, who are confident they’ll realize anyone's dreams.

portrait of a team member

Paul Terrie

Photo/Video Art Director

Some people see more than what first appears. Put Paul behind the camera, and you’ll gain a perspective that’s entirely new. Based out of New York, Paul doesn’t just take photos and make videos, he manifests hidden dreams and desire. His portraits capture the essence of individuality. And his documentaries give unheard stories, a voice. Paul’s talents are known by Time magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, the New York Times, to name a few. Thanks to Paul, our headshots aren’t just an asset for our website, they’re works we’ll cherish for life.

portrait of a team member

Oksana Bolotnieva

PR Director (Eastern Europe)

She may be a world apart, but Oksana, our regional expert, knows how to bridge any gap. Based in Eastern Europe, Oksana keeps us up-to-date on international affairs and perspectives. With masters’ degrees in Journalism and Marketing, she’s also a multimedia and project management specialist. She’s been a journalist and editor for television, radio and print publications. For 7 years, Oskana has led political and private sector projects in Ukraine and Russia, while handling press services for the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice and National Gas Company. Oksana is our superwoman, who never lets us, or her daughter Anna, down.

portrait of a team member

Anastasia Gudko

Project & Event Manager

Behind every successful operation, there’s someone like Anastasia making things move. With experience that covers pharmaceuticals to IT, to Art & Culture, there’s no challenge she won’t take. When she came to New York, Anastasia led a start-up to let out-of-towners experience NYC as locals. Which means she’ll be an expert at guiding you through our work. Anastasia graduated from Baruch College with a Master's degree in Arts Management and specializes in audience development for culturally-specific organizations. When Anastasia is not running the show at Deneeze, she’s taking care of her adorable son.

portrait of a team member

Violetta Malakhova

Media Specialist/Fashion Producer

Some become iconic, others are born that way. Violetta, our New York-based lifestyle journalist and fashion specialist, has style that’s all her own. It takes skill to switch from international law to fashion marketing, but in 2012, Violetta did just that. As CEO and marketing developer for KModels, Violetta bolstered brands like Officiel, Forbes, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. She now cultivates global connections with regular engagements across Europe, the US, and Israel. Violetta’s our source for media contacts, production consulting, and fashion styling and networking. With Violetta, Deneeze is never out of style.

portrait of a team member

Elena Kazakova

Social Media Content Manager & PR Coordinator

Looking for something new to do and see? Elena’s probably done it, seen it and tweeted about it too. She’s our marketing specialist and urban explorer. Conquering Seoul, New York and Amsterdam couldn’t satisfy her hunger for niche experiences in food and entertainment. Her travels inspire the content she creates using her Fine Arts degree and Global MBA. Specializing in strategy and brand awareness, Elena is a natural influencer. And at Deneeze, she's the one who’s always in the know.

portrait of a team member

Zhanna Aleksandrova

Creative Video Producer

In the late 2000s, the citizens of Kyiv explored social life and fashionable drinks while watching her TV program "Cocktail". After graduating from the Kyiv National University of Theater and Cinema Zhanna was engaged in the creation of her TV project and documentaries on famous brands such as Chivas Regal, Gavana Club, Martell, and others. Whether it is a story about a person, a brand or an event, it is always a unique piece of art that remains in the hearts of the spectators for a long time. 5 years ago, she moved to sunny Los Angeles and she continues to develop in this sphere. When Zhanna is in charge of the filming process of our events, we know for sure that it is in good hands.

portrait of a team member

Marina Zakharova

Art Production Manager

Seamless design isn’t as easy as it looks. Marina, our Moscow-based design genius, knows the difference between having an idea and realizing it. With degrees in software supply and visual communications, she develops beautiful, user-centered programs that generate engagement. With technical design experience at major ad agencies, Marina’s our go-to source for product packaging and advertising consulting. Don’t count out her photography either, which won her “Best of Russia,” twice. Marina may be across the globe, but she’ll work all night with a little extra love (and coffee) from the team in New York.

portrait of a team member

Do you want to be a part of our team?

Deneeze is always looking for experienced and talented people who are accomplished in their field and looking for a flexible, nontraditional work environment where skills, experience and performance are highly valued and rewarded. Our project associates come from a variety of backgrounds – from IT and journalism, to sales and marketing, to everything in between. This diversity not only creates a rich and collaborative environment, but also allows us to provide an unmatched level of expertise to our clients.

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