Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever
Despite talk that Facebook’s reach is waning, it’s pretty clear people love the site more than ever—70% of Facebook users in the U.S. log into Facebook on a daily basis, compared with 59% on Instagram, 38% on Twitter, 27% on Pinterest, and 22% on LinkedIn, according to stats from Pew Research Center.
All these users spell out huge potential for marketers, and Facebook has emerged as one of the best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses. In the past few years, as organic reach on Facebook has declined, savvy marketers have been advertising on Facebook to get results.There’s a lot that has to come together to make a Facebook ad successful—you need the right targeting, a great image or video, and compelling copy. 

1.Use Facebook Targeting to Narrow Your Audience, then Write to It

Here are some of the ways you can target your ads on Facebook:
Custom audiences – allows you to target existing customers or leads
Location – allows you to target by location (city, state, country)
Gender – allows you to target by gender (male or female)
Interests – allows you to target by interest (such as fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion, literature
Behaviors – allows you to target by past behavior, such as someone visiting your website
Connections – allows you to target by people who already like your page, or who have connections that do
2. Ensure Your Facebook Ad Copy Goes with Your Visual

3. Write Different Facebook Ads for Different People

4. Be Upfront About the Numbers

5. Use Simple Language that’s Easy to Understand

6. Keep it Short and Lead with Value

7. Stay Focused with One Call-to-Action

The best ads on Facebook ultimately lead to sales. As a marketer, you need to make sure you’re putting the ingredients together to create an ad that gets the job done, and strong copywriting is an essential part of a good Facebook ad.

By Emma Siemasko